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How To Share Your Camera With Family Members On The Foscam App


You can now share your Foscam cameras with family and friends to let them also view your camera’s live video. Please follow the guide below to set this up.

1. Log in to your Foscam account, go to account settings on the top left corner and tap on “My Family”.

Share Foscam Step 1

2. Tap “Add family member”, input the name and his/her Foscam account, then tap on “Invite”.

Share Foscam Step 2

3. Your family member will then receive a message on their account, and they will need to tap on “Accept Invitation”.

Share Foscam Step 3

4. Go to your camera settings and tap on “Share Camera” option. Then set a sharing code and let your family member know the sharing code.

Share Foscam Step 4

5. Choose the family member you want to share with under the "Share To" option.

Please note: If you do not choose the family member on this page, he/she will not be able to get the video of the camera on their account.

Share Foscam Step 5

6. After that, your family member can see the camera listed on their Foscam account, and he/she can tap on the play button and input the sharing code to see this camera’s live video.

Share Foscam Step 6

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