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What Outdoor PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Foscam Camera Do I Buy?


Following on from the previous post about what Outdoor Wireless Foscam camera you should buy, here we’ve written a blog on Outdoor PoE cameras. PoE stands for Power Over Ethernet, in simple terms, this means you can power your Foscam camera by using only an ethernet cable (bearing in mind the cable needs to be connected to a PoE switch or injector to power the camera). By utilising a single ethernet cable to supply both the power and video signal, your install can be much easier.

Foscam has 4 key outdoor PoE cameras, all with their own unique features and differing price points, ranging from £69.99 to £119.99. All four cameras work in the same way in terms of allowing you to view the cameras anywhere in the world via a smartphone/tablet (IOS or Android), as well as being able to use the Foscam VMS (Video Management Software) for a PC or a MAC.

Not all the cameras mentioned below can record locally onto an SD card, so we will detail this when talking about each product. However, all 4 cameras can record onto the cloud, you can find out more about the Foscam cloud service here. The third recording method is using a Foscam NVR (perfect for larger storage). We will be writing another blog post about the Foscam NVRs in the coming weeks.



The First Foscam model we will talk about is the FI9853EP which retails at a competitive £69.99. The FI9853EP is a 720P HD PoE camera which features a 74° viewing angle and 20 metre night vision. The camera being a dome shaped camera allows mounting to a wall in an effective position. The lens on the camera can also be adjusted manually by hand before mounting the camera meaning you can cover the exact position you need.



The next model we have is the upgraded model to the FI9853EP which is the Foscam FI9961EP. The FI9961EP retails at £99.99 and features a 1080P HD picture quality as well as having a larger viewing angle of 107°. The FI9961EP has the same night vision range of 20m but this camera also has an onboard SD card slot. The FI9961EP features a similar shaped design but with an IK10 Vandal Proof Dome cover. The camera also has the option of using with a junction box, the FAB61. This allows you to house all the cables in the waterproof junction box for a tidy installation. The FAB61 retails at £24.99, however, this is discounted down to £17.99 when purchasing any compatible camera.


FI9900EP & FI9901EP

The next model we have is the FI9900EP, this is the PoE version of our best-selling FI9900P Wi-Fi bullet camera. It has a 1080P HD resolution with 100° viewing angle, 20m night vision and an on-board SD card slot. The camera also has a flexible mounting bracket allowing you to position in any way by adjusting the Allen key screws. This camera is great value at only £99.99.

Lastly, we have the FI9901EP, it’s exactly the same look as the FI9900EP, but the FI9901EP camera has ultra HD picture quality (4MP) with a 74° viewing angle. This camera retails at £119.99 and is the best image quality Foscam offer. This model is a fantastic choice for home or business monitoring when you need the best picture quality.

Just like the FI9961EP, both the FI9900EP and FI9901EP cameras can be used with a junction box, however, you will require the FAB99 for these models. The FAB99 sits behind the Foscam FI9900EP or FI9901EP and allows you to just pass through only the cables you require, giving you a neat cable management solution. The FAB99 retails at £22.99 however this is also discounted down to £17.99 when purchasing any compatible camera.


Here's a quick and easy way to compare the Foscam PoE Cameras in the comparison table below.

Indoor Foscam PoE Comparison

Our Recommendation

Our personal recommendation for an outdoor PoE Foscam camera is a toss-up between the FI9961EP and FI9900EP. Purely as both cameras are very similar in spec, however, one is a dome and the other is a bullet which will come down to customer preference!

Both cameras are great value for money at £99.99 and give a FHD 1080P picture quality with the ability to record onto the SD card slot on board both the cameras.

You can buy your Foscam outdoor PoE camera here. However, if you do require any more information about the products discussed above or any of the products Foscam offer, please do give us a call on 0203 441 3511.

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