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What Outdoor Wireless Foscam Do I Buy?


Following on from last weeks blog post about what Indoor Foscam camera should you buy, here we’ve detailed the main benefits of the Outdoor Wireless cameras we offer and our recommendation.

If you’re after advice on outdoor PoE cameras, stayed tuned for our next post where we will discuss the PoE range of Foscam cameras available, or if you would rather speak to one of our specialists to discuss anything, you can do so by calling us on 0203 441 3511.

Foscam has 4 key outdoor wireless cameras in the range. The prices start from as little as £59.99 and go up to £249.99 for the most premium camera. The four models discussed below all allow you to monitor by your smartphone (IOS & Android) anywhere in the world, as well as working with the Foscam VMS (Video Management Software) for a PC or MAC. All the cameras need is to be connected to power and an internet connection.

Not all the cameras mentioned can record locally onto an SD card, so we will detail this when talking about each product. However, all 4 cameras can record onto the Foscam cloud. You can claim your FREE 8 hours alert video history and find out more about the Foscam cloud service here. The third recording method is a Foscam Network video recorder (NVR), we will be writing another blog post about the Foscam NVRs in the coming weeks.

FI9800P / FI9900P

The first Foscam model we will talk about is the FI9800P which retails at a very competitive price of £59.99. The FI9800P is a 720P HD camera which features a 76-degree viewing angle and 20 metres night vision. The camera has a flexible mounting bracket allowing to position the camera in any position you want by adjusting the Allen key screws. This camera is great for the monitoring of your home/business premises and is a solid choice for an entry-level outdoor camera.

Foscam also does the same camera as above in terms of looks and construction, but in a higher resolution – this is the FI9900P which features 1080P full HD. The FI9900P also has a larger viewing angle at 100 degrees with the same 20 metres night vision. 

The camera also has an onboard SD card slot (up to 128GB) allowing you to record onto the camera itself locally, as well as Foscam Cloud or to a Foscam NVR. The FI9900P is one of our best-selling Foscams and priced at £99.99, it sits very competitively in the market.


The FAB99 sits behind the Foscam FI9800P or FI9900P and allows you to just pass through only the cables you require. The FAB99 retails at £22.99, however, this is discounted down to £17.99 when you purchase any compatible camera together.


The third Foscam camera we are going to talk about is the Foscam FI9828P, this is Foscams cheapest outdoor Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera. Displaying in a 960P HD resolution, the FI9828P gives a great picture for the £174.99 price point. The camera has 3x optical zoom allowing you to zoom further into items for greater detail. The camera has a standard 75-degree viewing angle, however, you can move the camera in any direction. The camera can pan 355 degrees and tilt 78 degrees and is great if you want to move around the area when live streaming to see what is happening.


The last camera in this blog is the FI9928P (upgraded model of the FI9828P). This is Foscam’s most premium outdoor IP camera, it’s the most expensive, however, it is by far the best Foscam camera available. The camera is 1080P HD and has the Pan, Tilt and Zoom functions like the FI9828P mentioned above. This camera though has Starvis night vision which allows you to see colour in low light conditions. The camera has 4x optical zoom allowing you to zoom in even further than the FI9828P. Further to the 4x optical zoom, the camera also has 6x Digital Zoom. The FI9928P can accept up to a 128GB SD card, allowing 64 hours of continuous FHD recording. Being a more professional grade premium camera, it is reflected in the price at £239.99 - but you really do get a lot for your money.


Just like the first two models, the FI9828P and FI9928P also has a junction box to house the excess cables not being used - the Foscam FAB28 Junction box. The FAB28 retails at £24.99, however, this again is discounted down to £17.99 when purchasing any compatible camera.

Here’s a quick and easy way to compare the Foscam outdoor Cameras in the comparison table below.

Outdoor Foscam Camera Comparison

Personal Recommendation

Our personal recommendation for an outdoor wireless Foscam Camera is the Foscam FI9900P. The camera features a great viewing angle (100 degrees) and picture quality (1080P) for a £99.99 camera. The camera allows a 128GB SD card giving you a good amount of storage to rely on, even if you didn’t want to go with a Foscam NVR or cloud. If you do have more of a budget to spend though, the FI9928P is a very close second on our recommendation list because of the ability to Pan, Tilt, Zoom and the impressive colour night vision.

In Summary, whichever camera you decide to go for, we’re confident you will be pleased with your choice. If you require any more information on any of the products Foscam offer, please do give us a call on 0203 441 3511.

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