Zommo Omni-Directional CCTV Microphone

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The Zommo M1 has a 3.5mm connector and is compatible with all network cameras that have a 3.5mm jack for microphone input.

The microphone is omni-directional and able to pick up sound from its surroundings without the need to be aimed directly at the source. It provides enhanced audio quality and best suited for Foscam Outdoor IP Cameras.

The Zommo M1 provides a valuable addition to a CCTV system as users can assess the urgency level in an emergency situation such as for example shouting, unusual loud noises, breakages or abusive language, and it also extends the camera to be used as an intercom system where the camera has a speaker.

Compatible with the following Foscam Outdoor Cameras: FI9900P, FI9961EP, FI9928P etc...

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